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A Great Day in the Field!

On Wedesday August 11, 2021 we spent the day in the field with our clients Cumberland and Salem County (NJ) Sheriff Departments. Salem was kind enough to host the event where we got to see the latest edition to their drone fleet a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced. Our friend and colleague Dave Krause of Influential Drones was on hand to make the delivery where the new thermal imager captured some incredible details. Leach Strategic Partners and Influential Drones began collaborating two years ago after being introduced to each other at an FAA event. We found we had more in common but still unique that we could offer great service to public safety. Dave is extremely knowledgeable and has tremendous connections that we leverage for the benefit of our clients.

Cumberland and Salem are both at different places in their UAS program growth and it was good to see the info-share and hear about lessons learned while building out their programs. The cooperation and comradery was on full display with all learning from each other. It was good to hear core education discussed as if our lesson plans were delivered yesterday!

We will continue to be involved with our clients long after the initial training is over. Having an outside perspective of an operation and where the industry is headed is ever changing and we want our clients to have the latest information available.

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