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What We Offer

What We Offer

Starting a UAS Program can seem overwhelming, but with Leach Strategic Partners, LLC, it doesn't have to be. We specialize in guiding agencies through the process, ensuring success. Below are our services:

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UAS Program Implementation

We identify and define agency missions and goals specific to UAS deployment. We have the expertise to drive your program from a visionary concept to an operational reality.


We will help you develop policies and procedures, provide remote pilot training, assist with UAS selection, FAA waiver submissions and program auditing


UAS Encounter Response Planning

How your staff responds to non-compliant UAS in your area of responsibility requires understanding the current laws, rules, and applicable regulations. 

Leach Strategic Partners LLC understands the current legal picture and will educate the client on:
• What to do when encountering a UAS in the field
• What legal authority responders have to engage a UAS operator
• How to provide community outreach for safe public UAS partnerships


UAS Mitigation Strategies

There is no single answer to address a non-compliant UAS over your facility. It's vital to understanding what technology is currently available and what legal ramifications can expose you if deployed improperly.


We will help you navigate the complex issue of UAS mitigation and offer training and support to allow your members to confidently manage UAS incursions during active scenes, investigations, or large events


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