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Commercial UAV ExpoLeading event for the commercial drone market!

The industry has been growing despite the events of the last couple of years. Commercial UAV was a clear sign that we are returning to normal after undergoing unprecedented closures and shutdowns. The crowd was noticeably larger and full of energy as we returned to Las Vegas with the networks firing on all cylinders.

It was great hearing what some of our industry friends have been doing to keep the momentum going. Joe Molinuiex from the Cape May County Economic development team joined us for his first UAS/drone-centric event and was absolutely amazed to see the technology that his county is trying to leverage and was leading the charge to encourage companies to consider moving to a robust shore town that is business friendly.

As Joe told his story, he caught the attention of Glen Lynch, CEA of one of the largest drone provider companies in North America, Volatus. Glen suggested we connect with Danielle Gagne to join her podcast Stories from 400 Feet. Joe was a natural with being interviewed since he hosts his own radio show.

I was joined by my "wingman" and partner in my other venture, the Urban Low Altitude Trasport Association (ULTRA). The mission for UTRA is to advocate for the UAS, urban air mobility, and the future of new aircraft entrants to the National Airspace System. ULTRA is made up of professionals that specialize in weather, legal perspectives, regulatory advisement, vehicle manufacturing, and other specialty areas to promote smart integrations who also have their own individual consulting ventures. Collectively, ULTRA is a brain trust that can solve problems as a whole team or through individual efforts and info-sharing within.

We caught up with some old friends and made new connections, all too numerous to list for fear of leaving someone out. If the energy from the show is any indication of the future, it certainly looks bright from our perspective. Until next time, keep an eye of the industry!

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