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Revisiting the NJSP and saying so long

I had the opportunity to revisit the NJSP Aviation Bureau for the retirement of 38 year A&P mechanic Kurt Foulke. Kurt has spent 38 years maintaining the Bureau aircraft. Kurt treated the aircraft as if they were his own and wanted our pilots to be safe. He felt a personal responsibility to his job and was not the typical State worker who watched the clock. Kurt ALWAYS answered his phone not matter what time it was or if it was a weekend or holiday.

Every bill that was received for parts or maintenance was scrutinized as if the funds were coming from his own checking account. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to get a picture with Kurt since he was a little camera shy that day but that's okay. I'll remember Kurt's wit and quick humor and it was an honor to have someone of his caliber looking after my safety. Kurt is leaving the Bureau in good hands and one of those pair belongs to Ramon Vega.

Ramon came to the Bureau around 2013 and brought with him an infectious smile and great attitude that brightened the mechanic floor. Ramon will now be responsible for continuing the same standard set by Kurt and leaving his mark as well. Catching up with Ramon while there is always on the list! Its great to see the New Jersey State Police aircraft I flew still looking good and taken care of with pride!

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